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Equity Crowdfunding

Are you trying to raise up to $5M?

If you are in revenue, have strong management and a scalable business? If so this could be the easiest way to do it. 

For $15K, a GAAP audit, and some equity, you can have a full funding campaign created with an escrow agent and documents prepared by us and filed with the SEC. 

The best part, non-accredited investors can join accredited investors, this means anyone 18 and older can invest – including your customers and your fans, and you can advertise your investment opportunity.

Going Public

Are you trying to raise up to $75M?

If you are in revenue of $5M plus, and your valuation is at least $25M.  You can raise capital from anyone 18 and older and even sell some of your founder stock and put money in your pocket. 

Going public with ISM only costs $100,000, a GAAP audit and some equity. It is an incredible opportunity to legally allow your investors to buy and sell your stock through our affiliated broker/dealer firm, and manage the stock electronically through an authorized stock transfer agent. Acquire your competition with stock not cash… and so many other benefits.

Appear on TV

Season One appeared on Fox Business Network and Season Two is destined to be even bigger, with our ICONS & Studio Audience Investing during filming.

Not everyone will be invited to the show.

America’s Real Deal will interview only companies working with ISM, and from their ranks they will chose which companies will  introduce their their story to the world. 

America’s Real Deal allows the viewing audience to invest in your offering while they are watching the show. The viewers can also buy your product and vote for their favorite company. 

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