Focus on our Investors.

FOCUS ON OUR INVESTORS. It has always been our intent to weigh each decision on what is best for those who invest in our listed companies.

Many of our investors will get their start in retail investing by our invitation to invest in our private listed companies through Regulation Crowdfunding, getting the opportunity to enjoy the potential upside that often comes with taking a company public. You see for 96% of the population here in the United States of America, they never had this opportunity, until now.

The reason why we focus on our investors is also to protect them from their lack of investment sophistication. Putting the responsibility on us, not legally, but morally, to qualify and requalify the companies joining our platform to the best of our ability, AND THEN transfer responsibility for building the business and corresponding with the investors to our posted companies.

Among its attributes, the Independent Stock Market will feature fully displayed prices; that is, trading on the Exchange will occur exclusively at prices displayed to all participants.

Next, promote the cause for multiple stakeholders in private companies while the VC investment world shudders. We understand what is required to operate a stock market: Stakeholders! Even the New York Stock Exchange requires 400 stakeholders, while NASDAQ requires 450 to 2,200. They will not accept a special purpose vehicle with just one stakeholder. Neither will we.

What is the real reason for multiple investors in each listed company beyond an exciting new equitable form of capitalism? Investor engagement!

Loyal stakeholders can become loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Fundamental changes in the dynamics and expectations of corporations have made stakeholder engagement critical to achieving long-term success. Indeed, being a visionary company means embracing obligations to do right by all key stakeholders—including employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and long-term investors—and recognizing the opportunity this action provides.

Long-term focus. Companies focused on their investors also tend to focus on longer-term horizons, rather than immediate payoffs. This focus also helps firms accrue important intangible resources. For example, by addressing the interests of consumers, employees, and the natural environment, firms are able to grow intangible assets such as legitimacy, reputation, and trust, which can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Investor oriented companies are built for long-term success, because the investors care far more about investing in the future of the company—including supporting the business as they invest in human capital and innovation—rather than pushing business executives to cut corners or engage in financial gymnastics to meet quarterly targets. They will support boards and executives in making the hard choices that are right for future growth, even if they are harder in the short-term.

Another important factor to note is that many of the stakeholder requirements of the Independent Stock Market are relevant to traditional Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics and the requirements for Public Benefit Corporations and B-corps. While our model is not designed specifically for these purposes, it does purposefully align with them.

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