The Ultimate Community.

THE ULTIMATE COMMUNITY. Business Owners connected to their investors.

Companies with greater engagement with their investors are more likely to avoid conflict. Research finds a lower cost of capital for companies with enhanced levels of community engagement.

Conversely, companies with weak community engagement can become entangled in expensive conflict with reputational consequences. These findings are particularly salient for companies given the potential of social media to amplify negative or embarrassing stories.

With ISM, investors, and the companies they have ownership with, meet at least monthly to discuss updates in the industry and are invited to semi-annual conferences where both investor and issuer can learn from ISM experts and celebrity guests regarding investment and economic principles as well as business growth strategies. ISM is the family millions will join.

As investors join the ISM community after investing in one company they can look at all the other companies on our market and discuss pros and cons with their investors. Our businesses love this model because they believe in our Abundance and Diversification Methodologies that encourage our investor members to diversify their portfolios, while giving confidence to our business clients that there is enough capital to fund all the quality projects on our platform.

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