Stop Trading. Start Investing.


ISM introduces qualified businesses to investors, giving them the opportunity to invest in a share of the ownership in those businesses. Some people have lost that vision and are constantly buying and selling stocks in hopes to make a spread from the purchase and the sale and are not actually investing in the company. There is little loyalty.

ISM is a simple buy/sell model. You need to own the stock before you can sell it. ISM members look to earn money on their stock purchase as the business grows and profits. Warren Buffet does not play the options. He invests in companies because he likes the products or services and the management as well as the business model and its potential. This model certainly has worked for him and other billionaires.

It is time for every American who has the money to invest to start investing in Main Street businesses and stop trading Wall Street stocks. The companies posted with ISM are a great place to start.

You can invest in private companies immediately through the Independent Stock Market (ISM). There are companies that qualify to go public with ISM. They are making preparations to post their public stock for sale through ISM. Currently, there are no public companies posted through ISM. We will communicate with all ISM investors when that opportunity becomes available (scheduled for late summer, 2017).

A new stock market is here, independent from Wall Street
exclusively built for Main Street businesses.

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