Millions of business owners
start with nothing more
than a dream.

Then you roll up your sleeves and go to work. Among other activities, you spend:Sweat Equity
~ Several hours planning, proposing and organizing;
~ Days on the phone, writing emails and making visits;
~ Weeks finding the right location, negotiating and remodeling;
~ Months looking through resumes, interviewing and hiring – not to mention constant training and developing;
~ Consistent ordering, reordering, pricing, and setting up the online and/or offline showroom; and
~ Untold hours of brainstorming and follow-through for various marketing and advertising campaigns.

You have put in many long, hard hours to make your business successful.

At ISM, we call that effort ‘Sweat Equity.’

Now is the time to get rewarded for building a successful business. If you are a majority shareholder in your company, contact ISM today to see how easy it is to sell a small portion of your ownership for cash without losing control of your company.

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