ISM is willing to sell
your products and services
on their affiliated funding platform.

The cost for using the platform is 10% of all sales (plus any applicable credit card fees).

America's Real DealAs an added benefit, ISM will market your products and services on their nationally televised TV show America’s Real Deal. During the show, viewers will see your products and services and have the chance to purchase them online or through their mobile devices.

ISM projects that if an average product or service costs $25, that 5,000 people will make the purchase during the 1/2 hour show. That’s an average of $125,000¬†in purchased products and services.

We will also have an online streaming channel, where viewers who missed the show (or who really liked it) will have the chance to view the program and purchase your products and services. We project that hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional products and services will be sold during the year that the show promoting your brand is on our online streaming channel.

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