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Fight the Good Fight Foundation Inc. was founded by Tiffany Thomson in 2010. Life got in the way and the foundation was never truly launched. February 2017 I decided it was time to fulfill my dreams and reinstate FTGF. I have always been able to help emotionally, but seldom financially. I know that will change very soon! I knew when the time was right, things would fall into place. I know this is my destiny!

It started as a foundation against rape and abuse. My goal was to build safe houses that could help people get back on their feet, receive counseling and guidance. I will share more of my story with you one day. The last few years I have worked with victims and have done what I could. It was better than nothing but nowhere near what I dreamed.

Two months ago I decided we needed a Ladies day! Something women could look forward to once or twice a year. Entrepreneurial women have little time to have girl time! So I named it “It’s Time For Me Day”.  What started out as a small expo turned into 60 vendors with more than 40 vendors being turned away due to available space or because other people already had reserved a booth that represented the same sub-market.

I wanted to help OneVoiceHome build the safehouse in Lubbock for minor trafficked children. I figured we could raise a little money while we do something fun. And we did!

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Long story short this has blossomed into something that could raise a lot more than a little money! Here is my vision.  I see It’s Time For Me Day becoming a Nationwide day-long event for Women!  I would like it to be franchised.  Getting a 501(c)(3) isn’t easy. Many people have a heart for a cause and this will give them the opportunity to raise money for their cause of choice, without having to go through the process to get the 501(c)(3).

I see this working in this fashion. The expo is franchised, they, of course, have to use our logos, and business platform. This could be changed but I think the profits from the booths are the franchisee’s profits. The sponsorships, donations, raffles and other means to raise money will run through FTGF. The profits will be divided between FTGF and the franchisee’s foundation of choice.  We will have to decide percentages and details. I would like for every franchise to be held on the same days. One in the spring and one close to Christmas.

I personally have the desire to donate a portion of the profits from the events we put on to go towards building safe houses. I don’t care what foundation they donate to because I want Fight The Good Fight to be known as a foundation that fights for humanity. We can fight for animal rights, cancer, the list goes on and on.

Adam Brandley Tiffany Thomson

Adam Brandley, CEO of the Independent Stock Market and Tiffany Thomson, Owner of Fight the Good Fight

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Fight the Good Fight’s mission is to create a platform for people to have the opportunity to make a difference. We want to help communities come together and help conquer the many battles we face. Together we can Fight The Good Fight, give the hopeless hope and touch as many lives as we can.

I have not set up the entire board yet. I Have appointed the President, Anna Jimenez. I want to make the best decision in who to put on the board, so I am waiting until after our first expo.

I have a lot to learn about how to franchise, what steps we need to take and what needs to be done in what order. But, I am willing to learn and do what it takes to make this a success. This is my dream, and I truly believe it is time to make it come true!