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Bragshare makes social media more meaningful by providing users and companies with a sophisticated and customizable new medium for creating and sharing memories, achievements, aspirations, and messages. Chad Gundry designed and built not to compete per se with the large social networks that already exist, as that would be crazy to do so.

Bragshare is meant to improve and augment what currently is offered in social realms. Social media today is in silos based upon several different aspects of our lives: personal, professional, random thoughts, images, and so on.



Bragshare - Chad GundryThe appeal to discover and share the stories and achievements of all mankind is compelling to many people. It is in this context that we learn not only about the successes and failures of others, but who we really are, where we came from, and where we plan to go. Bragshare is a different, a deeper way of looking at social media. It adds more meaning to our constant posting and reading of others posts.

Our Bragline timeline is the place where the user can elevate those posts/brags/moments that matter most. It is a place to tell your story and a place to define oneself. Everything posted by choice to this Bragline can be saved or printed off at any time. Our Bragboard, the home page of Bragshare is a massive discovery engine of things that matter to people.

Bragshare - Chad Gundry

We work with the largest database of ancestry data the world has ever known,, to help people find and tell the stories of those that have shaped who they are today while placing it in proper context with their own life and achievements.

With this ancestry data, in time, we will change social media in the way it connects with others. Not just friends of friends, but now the engine will suggest connecting with people that are blood-related close or distant. We also have partnered with Relative Finder, a data source that helps people see the famous people they are related to and brag about it, share the cool stories about them.

Bragshare and ISM

The Independent Stock Market is proud to introduce Chad Gundry and Daniel Coburn and their company, a unique and powerful social media platform called Bragshare.


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